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The 1973 allbum release, titled ‘Leven en laten leven’ (live and let live), contains songs like ‘Liedje voor Linnea’ (song for Linnea), ‘Morgenpsalm’ (morning psalm) and ‘De bekommerde socialist’ (the worried socialist). The album is received well but the record sales far from equal those of his debut.

In 1974 Vreeswijk returns to The Netherlands to promote his third Dutch album 'Liedjes voor de Pijpendraaier en mijn Zoetelief' (songs for the piper and my sweetheart). Some tracks on this lp are: ‘Teddybeer’ (teddy bear), ‘Marjolijn’, ‘Kleurenblind’ (colorblind), ‘Ik wil ‘t niet pikken’ (I don't want to take it) and the Bellman-translation ‘Epistel 81’. The Album is hardly successful in The Netherlands, nor are its successors 'Foto’s en een souvenir' (photographs and a souvenir) (1976) and 'Het recht om in vrede te leven' (the right to live in peace) (1978). The first of the above mentioned albums contains Dutch translations of Jim Croce songs, the latter translations of the songs from Victor Jara, the folk singer from Chili who was murdered during the 1973 coup by Pinochet.

It is hard to point out why the record sales are this disappointing. Fact is that in the meanwhile the problems in his private life are piling up. He divorces from his wife and he has a serious drinking problem. It will take until 1982 before Vreeswijk will again record in Dutch. 'Ballades van de Gewapende Bedelaar' (Ballads by the armed beggar) is according to many his best Dutch album ever, with songs like ‘Is er nog plaats in de schuilkelder’ (is there still room in the underground shelter), ‘De dolfijnen’ (the dolphins), ‘De capucijnersamba’ (the marrowfat samba) and ‘Persoonlijke Peter’ (personal Peter). In this album Vreeswijk simultaneously expresses his musical and poetical talents and his great sense of humor. But in 1982 he is only remembered as someone from 1972 who once sung the story of a teddy boy and a nun. And in the early eighties there are no longer teddy boys in The Netherlands and nuns are getting scarce.

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