Cornelis Vreeswijk Genootschap

All copies are sold out in no time and his career is firmly launched. His next album releases are a success. One of his biggest hits ‘Brev från kolonien’ (letter from camp) tells the story of a boy on summer camp writing a cheerful letter home about what is going on at night. E.g. setting the camp leaders' tent on fire. (Based on the novelty song ‘Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh” by Alan Sherman and Lou Busch.) This songs starts a small scandal. Worried parents take the song too literally and refuse to send their children to summer camp any longer. This is not the only time Vreeswijk upsets the paternalistic Swedish society of the sixties. Radio and television stations regard most of his songs unsuitable for broadcasting and mark them with the dreaded yellow skull stamp to point out they have a bad influence on youngsters. In the announcements of other songs the dj's clearly state that the audience should not take notice of the meaning of the lyrics. Vreeswijk reacts to this by prohibiting the public broadcast of his records. At that time his stardom has already risen to the extent that his record sales hardly drop.

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