Cornelis Vreeswijk Genootschap

In Sweden Vreeswijk’s star never fades. He has a great many loyal fans. Throughout his recording career they are treated on a new album once a year and with every release his lyrics cut deeper into the heart. He also starts to publish poems. On the other hand there still are many Swedes that do not appreciate what this bearded minstrel is producing. The subtle way he ridicules and criticizes the Swedish society and his erotic lyrics do not comply with the accepted norms and rules. Critics and journalists spend little time discussing the quality of his products but write lengthy articles about his turbulent private life instead. And it must be admitted that there are plenty of events to be described. Booze, women, tax problems and the strong arm of the law are the story of his life. In the early eighties however he seems to have dealt with most of his problems. Some new albums are released with modern arrangements of his earlier recordings. A new and young Swedish audience is getting interested in Vreeswijk. Then in 1985 the fatal diagnosis of a cancer in the liver comes across his path. During the last few months of his life he puts all his effort in finishing a final album 'Till Fatumeh', again with new arrangements of old material, as a goodbye to his fans. Sadly enough, due to financial circumstances, he has to change hospital a few weeks before his death. On November 12, 1987 he dies, almost bankrupt, at the age of fifty.

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