Cornelis Vreeswijk Genootschap

Cornelis Vreeswijk (August 8, 1937 – November 12, 1987) was a very special person. Born in the town of IJmuiden, The Netherlands, he moved to Sweden while still in his teens to become one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century. He recorded over 30 albums before his untimely death. Folk, blues, rock, samba: Vreewijks' Swedish music tackles many styles. His unique voice, his strong lyrics and his turbulent way of life made him a phenonomen in Scandinavia.

In The Netherlands Vreeswijk is associated with songs like 'De Nozem en de Non' (The Teddy Boy and the Nun), 'Veronica' and 'Misschien wordt het morgen beter' (It could be better tomorrow). His first album release in The Netherlands in 1972 achieved the platinum record status. Five other Dutch releases that followed turned out to be little successful in spite of Vreeswijks' talent that is undoubtedly present in all of these recordings.

In Sweden Vreeswijk has become a legend. Sweden has its own Cornelis Vreeswijk Foundation, an annual musical festival and a Vreeswijk Cultural Award. In the Swedish capital Stockholm there even is a Vreeswijk park.

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