Cornelis Vreeswijk Genootschap

cvungCornelis Vreeswijk is born August 8, 1937 in the town IJmuiden, The Netherlands. In 1949 he and his family emigrate to Sweden, where his father sets up his own cab driving company in Stockholm. Soon after he move there Cornelis is frantically studying the Swedish language. Each day after school he can be found reading in the public library. Afterwards Vreeswijk, talking with the Dutch journalist Peter Verschoor, reveals that his urge to learn Swedish had everything to do with a humiliating experience at school. While reading out loud in class he pronounced the word "vitamine" in Dutch which made the class break out in laughter for minutes. But how was he to know that his pronunciation of the word "vitamine" had nothing to do with the organic substances found in food but was equivalent to female genitalia?

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