Cornelis Vreeswijk Genootschap

baladAfter finishing secondary school he studies at the academy of dramatic art. He also spends some time studying at the academy of social sciences. However his mind is set on music. As a student he meets the well known Swedish folk singer Fred Åkerström. Vreeswijk asks him if he is interested in buying some of the songs he has written. Åkerström is curious enough to invite Vreeswijk and give him the opportunity to play some of his songs for him. The producer who is present is so impressed by his original voice that he offers him a record deal. The album is released in 1964 and is titled Ballader och oförskämdheter, which means something like ‘ballads and rudities’. No understatement! The album has an enormous impact and many Swedes are shocked by Vreeswijks' unconventional lyrics that feature whores, bums and the back side of the well organized Swedish society situations. On top of that he ridicules politicians and the church without mercy. That comes as quite a surprise to the respectable Swedish people.

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